Orange You Glad?

My day written in eight slices

Dress Like Vacation Day – reading can take us places

Goldilocks and the Three Bears – fairy tale unit

Goldy Luck and The Panda Bears – diverse titles for diverse students

Equity in Practice – prep for facilitating staff training

Prepping for next year’s kinders – a true surprise for my teaching career

Book Fair meeting – run by teachers in its inaugural year

Writing at red lights – don’t tell my mom

Dinner with Dad – funemployment and chicken fried steak

May elaborate on one of these slices in a future post. Which slice do you want to take a bite from, dear reader?


3 thoughts on “Orange You Glad?

  1. Great topics! I think you have perfect titles for the next eight days. They will all be fun to read, but I’m looking forward to Writing at red lights – don’t tell my mom


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