The Lost Hour


Six am. Maybe seven?

The spring has crept, a robber in the night, and

Stolen precious minutes away

What could I have done

Taken a trip, gone for dinner

Load of laundry, run an errand



Seven am. Maybe eight.

The spring will creep in, a warm savior, ready to

Begin again

Will I find comfort?

I am rusty with poetry, dear reader. I welcome critiques and patience as I get comfortable with a medium that used to be my very favorite!


10 thoughts on “The Lost Hour

  1. I love your poem and do not see the rustiness. It made me think about a lot this morning, spring, time change and writing poetry.


  2. Somehow it takes so much courage to put poetry into the world – I tried a poem today, too, and my heart was in my throat as I hit publish!. My favourite lines here come early: “The spring has crept, a robber in the night, and/ Stolen precious minutes away” and I really love how that comes back again at the end. Nicely done!


  3. Rusty? I didn’t read it. Right now, it’s later than I thought it would be, but it’s also lighter…which I’m loving and feeling at peace with that stolen hour.


  4. Make sure to be consistent with your punctuations. If you do punctuation in one part of the poem, you should do it throughout. I like how you played to the fact that it’s daylight savings today, too. Very clever.


  5. I love your intentional repetition! I’d think about capitalization and what strong words you could use to end your lines. The reference to daylight savings time as a robber is great personification! Loved reading, it thanks for sharing. Poetry is a favorite form 9f mine too, and I too, am rusty.


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