Road Trips

Admittedly short post tonight –

I’m on a road trip with friends to visit my best friend in New York City. My favorite thing about traveling is the snacks, the music, the sunset, the bitching about other drivers. I love the feeling that something amazing is waiting on the other side of this journey. I love that my phone might die, and that I don’t really care. I love the feeling that what happens in this car for the next 5 hours is sacred between the travelers.

What is your favorite part of a road trip, dear reader?


6 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. I love road trips, too, but have never articulated what it is about them. I love your list of all that is special about that space of time where your normal life can be on hold.


  2. The snacks and the reading time – I’m one of those rare folks who can read in a moving car. And sometimes it’s the audio books, something everyone can enjoy. And watching the miles click by!


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