Winging It

Not just a cheeky thing to say about my lesson plans and the general structure of my school days recently!

Each year, our kindergarteners perform a program for their families and support systems. Our amazing music teacher (who teaches the songs and the choreography) provides the script, which is often quite wordy. Today, over a glass of wine, my teammate and I rewrote parts of the script to make it kindergarten friendly. The show is Wing It!, about baby birds who are afraid to leave their nest and learn to fly. Note: some of the words from this rewrite are from the original script of the musical Wing It. I do not own any of this material! Enjoy, dear reader.

Growing up is frightening but you don’t do it alone

We all have lots of help around, we’re never on our own

Aunt and uncles, sisters and brothers

Friends, neighbors, and plenty of others

Teachers, parents and all of the rest

Will help us all become our very best

We have learned to try, we have put our minds to it

And now we believe that we can really do it

We’re ready to fly, we know we’ll be great

And when we are through, we all celebrate

……….We’re flying!


4 thoughts on “Winging It

  1. What a sweet musical for your kinders! I can remember my oldest daughter’s kindergarten sing like it was yesterday. SO MUCH CUTENESS! (Thanks, also for teaching K. Those babies are full of energy!)


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