Park Part 1

“Do you wanna go to the park?”

Immediate play stance. Emotive, begging eyes. Folded ears intently forward. Skinny butt in the air, shaking as fast as his too-long tail.

I grab the leash. Butt down, chest out. Tail still at work, sweeping along the floor. One paw, two paws independently hop into the harness. He’s all but buckled it himself.

Down the stairs and into the car. His gums stretch into a smile. PARK!

He is a metronome, tilting from one window to the other, desperate to take in every moment of the afternoon. I reach back and tousle his sun kissed hair. His eyes flicker to me for a moment. A walk in the park is our love language.

To be continued tomorrow, dear reader.


4 thoughts on “Park Part 1

  1. The joy of “Do you wanna go to the park” is undeniable. I have one of those too and, while I’m pretty lazy, I can never say no to that play stance!


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