Park Part 2

Dear reader,

I hadn’t intended for this to be a three part story, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I feel that this post is more integral to the rest of my slice from yesterday. I didn’t want this story to feel fake or forced. I knew I could write about a previous visit to the park, but I really wanted to write about today’s visit, so here is my preface. Tomorrow, please enjoy the frilly version of my story, knowing its edges are little bit dulled and its bite, a bit sweetened.

My sweet dog, Fin, struggles with leash reactivity. He loves walks and being outside, but is only successful due to training and treats. He still barks at random humans or dogs periodically. It’s really challenging watching your dog turn from Bruce Banner to the Hulk sometimes. As a result, Fin is a part of the Yellow Dog Project ( As part of your spring safety lessons in your classroom or at home, consider including provisions about approaching unknown dogs. Kids and adults should always ask to pet a dog they don’t know! And unleashed dogs and owners should always ask before approaching a leashed dog they don’t know. It saves the dog (and its grateful owner) stress and time, and keeps everyone safe!

*gets off of soap box*


3 thoughts on “Park Part 2

  1. This is such a teaser! I had to go back and read part 1, and now I can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂 I’m so intrigued by this line: “its edges are little bit dulled and its bite, a bit sweetened”. Is that word, “bite,” on purpose?


  2. Great post. Each dog is so different. I have a special-needs dog myself. I also have a group of therapy dogs come to my school every Tuesday so we can read with them. We have my students practice asking each handler if they can pet the dog. It’s a great practice.


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