Dear Reader

  1. Dear Reader, As a millennial, I have read quite a bit of listicles.
  2. But to you, dear reader, I say: You are here. Alive. Breathing.
  3. What are you reading, dear reader?
  4. If she knew, dear reader, would she step off, or would she sadly wave as this world passed her by, a blur through the glass?
  5. Which slice do you want to take a bite from, dear reader?
  6. Please, dear reader, enjoy my live(ish) updates on the latest episode.
  7. This slice does not quite do justice to my mom, dear reader, but I’m sure you already knew that.
  8. Here’s a mashup recipe for me to enjoy later, and hoping you might too, dear reader!
  9. What I should say, dear reader, is that I like the feeling music gives me.
  10. I am rusty with poetry, dear reader.
  11. What on earth did I do to earn this powerful role, dear reader?
  12. I know this is a band aid, dear reader, but I feel like this challenge is pushing me creatively and productively, and I know my real and true story will come.
  13. You know Mick, dear reader.
  14. But they’re not just places, are they,  dear reader?
  15. What is your favorite part of a road trip, dear reader?
  16. I’d prefer to spend my time with my dear friends than write today, dear reader.
  17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, dear reader!
  18. So sorry, dear reader, if you were hoping for subtle like my husband.
  19. Dear reader, The first illustration with humans. A friend in Vietnam.
  20. Enjoy, dear reader.
  21. I think I’ll pour a glass of wine and get in bed, dear reader.
  22. I tried to type to you that I played Snow White, dear reader, but it autocorrected to Snow Whore.
  23. Dear reader, World Down Syndrome Day was on 3/21.
  24. What is your family like, dear reader?
  25. If tomorrow’s coming, dear reader, I hope it waits.
  26. To be continued tomorrow, dear reader.
  27. Dear reader, I hadn’t intended for this to be a three part story.
  28. I could tell you, dear reader, about how our afternoon went from dream to nightmare when two unleashed dogs approached us minutes apart.
  29. I was more myself than before, dear reader.
  30. (if you know me you know what this means, dear reader!)
  31. This is a compilation of the pieces i wrote for you, dear reader. This month I’ve spent writing to you has been a light in my life. Thank you for you time, patience, acceptance, and support. It makes this reincarnated writer’s heart very full. Signing off for now.

2 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. You made it! This is so creative. Including something from each day of your journey was probably very rewarding. I loved reading your slices this month. Hoping to see you again next year.


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