This(ish) is Us

Scheduling around TV shows in 2019 is not one of my strong suits. The binge watching culture makes it restricting to follow a prime time schedule. Last night, I missed the live showing of one of my regular shows, This Is Us. Please, dear reader, enjoy my live(ish) updates on the latest episode.

Radio Shack Jack – haha, cute.

Of course this is juxtaposed with Rebecca buying a camera alone. Mandy Moore’s face is excellent when she is brooding.

Yes, Beth! I’m so excited that we’ve gotten Beth’s story and are able to watch her follow her dream. She’s a super mom.

Did anyone else forget Kate went back to community college?

Ah, s***. Kevin. I just said this aloud and my husband just commented, “Man, you really don’t like him, do you?” It’s not that. I know he has a disease. I appreciate the depiction of a relapse. I think I just feel the anticipated frustration and am bracing myself.

Ah, teen angst. Anger at others for our own insecurities.

I love Toby.

As a teacher, the fact that this teacher published Deja’s work without her permission is frustrating. Give the girl a chance to amplify her own damn voice…don’t make her cry, though, Randall!

Kevin caught in a lie. I can’t imagine living like that.

I appreciate Deja’s chance to discuss what she wants. I know she’s a middle schooler, but her bravery and maturity are admirable.

Is this severe grief or a panic attack that Rebecca is having? What an interesting juxtaposition of present and past.


Deja’s earned this stability. Maybe pushing her out of the nest to high school isn’t a risk she’s ready to take at the moment.

Way to go, Kevin. Do you even know how expensive ambulances are?! I hope Kate and baby are ok.

Ooooh, that look from Toby. Frustration at the relapse or jealousy of the twin closeness?

What?! Randall, you are married to a goddess!! You are asking a lot of her. Both of your dreams matter, and you’re a team. Make it work.

Is this the beginning of Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship?

Is it creepy that when Randall made the joke about Kevin and Kate kissing I knew exactly what he meant? Maybe it’s a twin thing I don’t understand.

Read a Vulture article after I wrote this, with an excellent summation of this episode and this show as a whole: this is a “sad show about sad people.” But sadness is real, and couldn’t we use some realness in this artificial world?


4 thoughts on “This(ish) is Us

  1. Seeing that I don’t watch this show anymore, I greatly enjoyed reading this disjointed live review of the show without knowing what’s going on this season. Seems like Kev is having the same issues, Kate is having the same issues, and Beth and Deja are growing a lot, as they deserve to because they’re the true stars. Also, I’m glad that random panic attack we saw from Rebecca at the cabin in season one seems to be coming back around. That storyline was left hanging for a couple of seasons.

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  2. So true…the same issues! Every summer I go “home” and my mom and I binge watch something. That summer we watched every episode of This Is Us available. Talk about laughing and crying! I’m saving this season for next summer, but I’m loving the update. Thanks!


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